Details of ArrowCopter AC20

Already long before the ArrowCopter saw the light of day we put it through its paces. Using sophisticated Finite Element Analysis running on heavy computing workstations we simulated the highest loads under the worst conditions to make sure nothing breaks when it shouldn’t. You will find safety in the sculpted Carbon Fiber / Kevlar seats, or in the outboard fuel tanks. Or in the superior strength of the double Carbon Fiber shell protecting pilot and passenger. Or in the wide stance of the ArrowCopter’s main gear. In fact, you won’t find a single item which we didn’t engineer with uncompromising safety first and foremost in our minds.

The technical standard, equipment features as well as optical style clearly aim the ArrowCopter gyroplane at the premium class of ultra- and microlight gyrocopters. It owes much of its outstanding performance to a meticulous five year development phase at FD-Composites GmbH.

Technical Data ArrowCopter AC20


Length: 5800 mm (228 in)
Width: 2455 mm (97 in)
Height: 2881 mm (113in)
Empty Weight: 360 kg (792 lbs)(basic configuration)
Max. Takeoff Mass: 600 kg (1323 lbs)(depending on national regulations)
V/max: 195 km/h (105 kn)
V/cruise: 165 km/h (86 kn)
V/min: 30 km/h (16 kn)
Fuel capacity: 2 x 37 Liter RON95 or AVGAS100LL
Service ceiling: 12,500 ft
Takeoff distance: 310 m (sea level, MTOM, ISA, over 50 ft obstacle)
Landing distance: 200 m (sea level, MTOM, ISA, over 50 ft obstacle)


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