Safety ranges top most in our list of priorites. Countless innovations and features work together to make the ArrowCopter one of the safest gyrocopters available: monocoque design, outboard fuel tanks, double walled passenger compartment, shock absorbing Kevlar seats, and much more.


  • High torsional and flexional stiffness as well as superior crash protection[nbsp]due to use of carbon fiber materials in monocoque construction.
  • Large track width and low center of gravity make the ArrowCopter almost impervious to tilt over.
  • Optimal trade-off between strength and weight of all load carrying cell components thanks to Finite-Element-Modeling (FEM, Finite-Elemente-Method), calculated for 600 kg maximum take-off mass.
  • Single wheel suspension of main and nose gear yield smooth taxiing. Additionally, 20 cm travel in main wheel shock absorbers minimize damage from crash landings.
  • Castering nose gear for straight tracking and increased safety at landings.
  • Differential breaking of main wheels by toe brakes results in easy maneauvering on the ground.
  • Outboard fuel tanks located in the wings prevent from the dangers of fuel stowage inside the passenger compartment.
  • Produced in autoclave production technique, which is unique among the ultralight class of aircraft.

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