The ArrowCopter’s all carbon fiber composite construction is manufactured using the industry renowned facilities of Carbo Tech Composites. Clean room facilities, autoclave curing, laser cutting, CNC machining, ultrasound testing and more are brought to work in order to turn out uncompromising quality.

FD-Composites and Carbo Tech Composites are specialised in Carbon Fiber composite design with many years of experience and stellar industry reputation. Combining know-how and expertise of both companies resulted in a worldwide unique level of quality, which lies at the heart of the ArrowCopter’s every detail.


All composite parts of the ArrowCopter are manufactured by the Carbon Fiber composite specialist Carbo Tech Composites in Salzburg, Austria.
After passing quality inspection, the parts are then further assembled and outfitted according to customers’ specifications by FD-Composites in Amstetten, Austria.


Competency in production of the ArrowCopter

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified serial production (prduct and process integrity, availability of spare parts, PLM, etc.)
  • An RFID chip integrated in each ArrowCopter provides access to all manufacturing data such as serial number, lot number, optional equipment, etc.
  • Monocoque cell in Carbon Fiber composite autoclav construction
  • Complete analysis and design of all load carriying components including the passenger cell up to a maximum take-off weight of 600 kg on the basis of the British CAP643 Section T guidelines.
  • Optimized laminating using the resuls of the FEM analysis.


The use of Finite-Element Analysis (FEM, Finite-Element-Method) in the construction of all load carrying components enabled us to save weight while simultaneously meeting the stringent standards of the British CAP463 Section T construction guidelines.

All forms of the ArrowCopter are layed up with Prepreg laminates in a dedicated clean room environmen. A computer controlled cutter ensures an accurate and uniform fit of the fiber material.

After lay-up of the forms, the parts are then introduced into an autoclav where they cure under high pressure and controlled temperature. A pressure-temperature graph ensures high and constant quality of the curing process. Using prepreg laminates is the best way to guarantee the optimal fiber to resin ratio. Through these controlled processes we can guarantee the highest level of quality and strength of all our composite parts.

The final construction steps employ techniques such as CNC milling and robot controlled laser cutting. That is how we can be sure to deliver the utmost in precision of each part.

Quality control of all parts is an important step for which we employ standards taken from the automobile industry. Before further assembly, parts pass through a quality control system which compares the dimensions specified in the 3D CAD drawing with the actual part using a tactile measurement process, thereby assuring dimensions and tolerances within tight specs.

Beyond this, the following measurement and testing systems are also available:

Ultrasound measurements
Thermographic endoscopy
Pressure testing
Mobile FARO arm, and others.

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