The ArrowCopter can take you to places you’d have trouble getting to in any other comparable aircraft. Sleek aerodynamics and reliable Rotax power paired with a highly efficient innovative composite propeller make traveling at 120 mph a breeze. Just put the pitch adjustable prop in cruise, listen to the muted sound of the fully enclosed engine, adjust the cabin ventilation and temperature to your comfort and watch the landscape speed by, either by looking out the fully enclosed canopy or by monitoring the 3D moving map display on the EFIS. And once you’re there, your landing will be smooth and easy thanks to the cushioning effect of the lift provided by the wings that also double as a rugged landing gear with more than 8 inches of shock absorbing travel. Performance is more about brains than brawns. It’s comforting to know that the ArrowCopter has both.



  • An aerodynamically optimized cell enables the ArrowCopter to fly more efficiently and more economically.
  • Besides doubling as an ourboard fuel tank, the main gear also functions as stub wings, providing additional lift at cruising speeds (the lift provided is roughly equal to the weight of a full load of fuel).
  • The additional lift provided by the stub wings paired with the aerodynamically optimized overall shape result in unsurpassed performance.
  • Easier flare and softer, safer landings thanks to enhanced ground effect of stub wings.
  • Higher speeds due to tandem seating arrangement.
  • Track width of 246 cm (96 in.) still permits trailering of the ArrowCopter.
  • Toe brakes allow minimal turning radius on the ground
  • All relevant parts are fully enclosed.

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