Standard equipment of the ArrowCopter AC20

A design creates emotions. Emotions shape values. Values change the future. We predict that the ArrowCopter will do no less.



  • Self-supporting carbon fibre monocoque construction
  • WGSP® system: Lift –creating stub wings (Wing-Gear-Suspension-Petrol System)
  • Horizontal and vertical stabilisers with rudder
  • Tricycle landing gear with castering nose wheel, fully suspended
  • Hydraulic toe brakes

Rotor system:

  • Safety and weight optimized rotor head construction (dual bearings, FEM analysis of all used parts, aluminium construction)
  • AVERSO aluminium rotor blades
  • Pneumatic prerotator with safety interlock
  • Rotor brake
  • Pneumatic pitch trim with pressure gauge on instrument panel

Engine, engine accessories and propulsion unit:

  • Rotax 914UL, 115HP turbocharged with integral reduction drive and electrical starter
  • Constant speed propeller

Fuel system:

  • 74 liter (19.5 fuel capacity (37 liter in each tank, 72 liter usable)
  • Dual electric fuel pumps
  • Tank selector switch on instrument panel
  • Capacitive fuel content sensors with EFIS indication


  • Weight optimized LiFe-battery with high energy density

Avionics and engine monitoring:

  • Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) Dynon SkyView
  • Analog backup instruments:
    • Airspeed Indicator
    • Altimeter
    • Compass
    • Manifold pressure gauge

Cabin interior:

  • Closed canopy with side windows
  • Integrated stowage compartments
  • Carpeted interior
  • Emergency canopy jettison lever

Exterior lighting:

  • Navigation lights
  • Anti-collision light

Comfort features:

  • Ergonomic Carbon Fibre / Kevlar seats with leather upholstery
  • Fully integrated ventilation system for cabin fresh air circulation
  • 12 V electrical accessory outlet on instrument panel


  • VHF radio antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • Airframe and interior finished in solid RAL color
  • Aircraft systems individually tested including serial number and testing number, RFID chip, test flown and ready for flight


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