Ultimately, what we tried to achieve is uncompromising harmony. The kind of harmony you experience when you fly an ArrowCopter and you feel that the machine is a natural extension of yourself. Everything is right where it ought to be and works just how you expect it to. That’s the hallmark of good design.

Approaching the ArrowCopter you already glean its quality. But once you sit in it, you’ll be surprised by the high level of comfort you experience. Attention to detail and adherence to ergonomic principles ensures that you will be able to focus exclusively on the important and pleasant aspects of each and every flight.




  • Individually suspended main and nose gears, with a shock absorber travel of 20 cm.
  • Noticeably lower noise level due to a closed canopy as well as an enclosed engine and exhaust system.
  • An open canopy, which is hinged on one side and opens sideways[nbsp]is available as an option. It ensures that the pilot is not exposed to direct wind while still enjoying an open cockpit feeling.
  • Closed cabin and cabin heating afford comfortable cold weather capability even in cold climates.
  • A carfully designed, integrated air circulation system inside the cabin maintains a comfortable cabin climate.
  • Large and roomy cabin with ergonomically formed seats.
  • Integrated stowage compartments.
  • Toe brakes ease handling on the ground.
  • Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) reduces panel clutter and pilot workload. A complete set of engine data, flight data and moving map GPS system (with 3D terrain data) is available as part of the standard equipment.
  • Two full seats (i.e., feet of passenger are behind the pilot) for pilot and passenger.
  • Pilot seat is adjustable in longitudinal position.

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